You Want to Book a Moving & Storage Service for the Holidays?

How to Move During the Holiday Season?

Although you may think that moving to a new home during the winter holidays is the most inappropriate thing to do, it may actually be quite a smart decision. In this post, we will tell you why.

  • moving a couchPeople usually book a moving & storage service at the beginning or the end of the month in those months which are sunny and warm. This means moving contractors are usually very busy from the beginning of May until the end of September around the 5th and the 25th. Why do you need to know all this? Because when movers are busy, they rarely make any service discounts or even if they do, they are not that big. So weekdays, mid-month days and the winter season are all great times for getting a good quote for the service you want.
  • Although you believe the time around Christmas is meant for the family and you are worried about whether you will have enough time to celebrate if you move, the truth is quite the opposite. Packing your belongings or organizing a garage sale to get rid of the stuff you no longer need is an ideal opportunity to spend more bonding time with your partner and children.
  • You will spend less on Christmas gifts. Having so much free time for the holidays, especially after the Black Friday weekend gives you the opportunity to shop a lot and buy stuff you do not really need. If you are busy packing and moving, you will not focus that much on spending money and may even save a lot.
  • You may not have that much time to decorate your new home immediately after your moving & storage service provider delivers your boxes and furniture, but you can still decorate a big Christmas tree in the middle of your living room. Your kids will be much happier to see that view than furniture and a pile of unnecessary clutter.

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