How to Pack for an Easier Move

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Moving is always a stressful process, especially when it’s out of town. There are some ways to make the process simpler so take a look at this article and follow the steps to make the move a bit easier.

A lot of advice about packing on the Internet. There are definitive guides and articles that teach you different things for successful packing. In this post, we will teach you a few useful tricks to make packing and moving a lot easier for you. Nothing fancy or complicated – just a few steps to follow and make sure to keep things concise and organized.

Step 1. Start packing as early as possible.

You will not get better advice than this one. At this point, it’s about common knowledge – the sooner you start, the better. Of all the steps and chores associated with moving, packing is probably the hardest part for many people. Start packing one room at a time, and it will be easier for you to keep organized and track what you’re doing. This way, you will be able to focus on the stuff in the room and still have time for the rest of your responsibilities.

Step 2. Keep it as simple as possible.

moving tips to follow before packingIf you have been living in our current home for a while, you probably have a lot of stuff that you don’t need anymore. If you don’t immediately need it and haven’t used it in the past year or two, just consider leaving it behind. Items of sentimental value can be kept, of course. However, if you are able to trim the fat and take as little as possible, your entire packing and moving process will be a lot faster, easier, and most importantly – cheaper. Don’t forget that the movers charge for weight.

Step 3. Label all the boxes.

If you have taken our previous advice for packing one room at a time, it will be a good idea not to label the boxes according to the room in question. For example “Lisa’s room.” When all of them together you will get confused about the contents of each box. You need to label what is inside the box so that you know what to put where. Another useful tip is not to label boxes using the term “miscellaneous”.

Step 4. Documents, papers, and personal information.

It goes without saying that most of your documents will always be with you. However, important documents such as insurance information, papers, and other valuable data should be safely stored, organized, and taken with you on your way to your new home. They can also be shipped by your family when you arrive, but we all know that documents and personal information are not safe to travel that way. Identity theft being one of the threats.

Step 5. Get all of your family members into the process.

family moving their belongings in Walnut Creek, CAThere’s a lot of work to be done, and you need all the helping hands you can get. For example, you can get your kids to do the labeling of your boxes and start packing their items by themselves. If your kids are little, you can make it fun for them by turning the packing process into a little game with some candy as a reward.

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