Need Someone Inexpensive but Experienced Enough to Move Your Piano?

Why Choose Thrifty Movers to Transport Your Precious Piano?

A piano mover is person who specializes in moving pianos from one place to another. Whether the piano is being moved between floors within the same house or transported to the other end of the country, moving a piano means that you need to have a skill set in order to prevent any damage being done to it, in addition to causing injury. To move a piano safely, and with the minimum financial risk to oneself and the owner, thrifty movers must use certain equipment and moving methods, in addition to having comprehensive insurance.

safe piano moving servicesSometimes, people who are moving reduce their costs by asking for help from family and friends to move their belongings. When moving a piano, though, it is always advisable to call a professional. Pianos are extremely heavy, and depending on the model, they can weigh anywhere from 300 to 1,300 pounds. Plus, mechanisms and casings can be damaged very easily. An experienced piano mover will possess the knowledge to guide a piano between floors, through tight spaces and in and out of their removal truck.

Depending on how heavy a piano is and how difficult the job is, a piano mover will be part of a crew of at least five people. They will also use equipment, such as pads and a dolly. A dolly has a flat bed resting on wheels. The piano will be secured on it, so it can be safely pushed across level floors. Moving pads are vital, they will be wrapped around the piano, thus stopping any damage being done to its body.

Moving an upright piano through a house can be quite simple, but the job of a professional is normally more complicated. If they are moving a baby grand, which is unable to go through doorways, the instrument’s legs and lid could have to be removed. Or, the piano may have to be taken out via a window, with the help of a crane.

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