Questions to Ask Your Commercial Mover

Looking for a Reputable Firm to Move Your Office Premises?

The relocation of your business is a huge task. This is why it’s important to choose the right commercial mover. Should everything go smoothly, your business can continue to earn money with the minimal interruption. However, should it go badly, your business will come to a grinding halt, and the implications can be great. Bearing that in mind, here are some questions to ask before hiring a commercial moving company.

pro mover in actionHow is cost factored?
Moving companies sometimes calculate rates based on the volume or cubic feet of space needing relocation. Distance is also a factor, but this is not a major factor for local moves. Building access is another factor. For larger moves, some companies provide flat and binding costs, while other firms may provide an estimate but charge actual time and equipment or materials spent.

What packaging does a mover use?
The most reputable of commercial movers use quality plastic moving cartons and if necessary boxes. They will be taken to and picked up from the customer before and after the move. It is crucial that the client puts the appropriate labels and tags on each box or container. Also, in certain situations, a quality commercial mover has to maintain an inventory to avoid losses.

How do the movers relocate items?
How are items moved from the original site to the moving trucks? What type of vehicles are used? How are the items transported to their final destination site? A quality mover should have air-ride suspension moving trucks and absolutely no trailers. The vehicles should also have mounted, hydraulic lift gates.

Does the company have the standard insurance requirements?
Make sure the moving company has insurance. Ask to see the certificate of insurance. Make sure you know the company’s policy when something is lost or broken. How do you make a claim? Are any losses and breakages covered by the movers insurance? Be aware of your region laws regarding these matters.

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